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Digiday: The state of ad fraud in 4 charts

October 2, 2017 — By: Jessica Davies, Digiday

"Digital ad fraud remains rampant, costing marketers a small fortune and cheating publishers out of revenue," wrote Digiday before presenting four charts that display the current state of ad fraud. 

"Ad fraud is a global problem," wrote Digiday 


"Japan has the highest ad fraud rates, according to a report from fraud prevention ad tech firm Pixalate," the article reads. "In the first three months of 2017, 81 percent of the programmatic impressions traded in Japan were fraudulent, with Brazil second at 36 percent. The U.S. was third with 35 percent of programmatically bought desktop ad impressions fraudulent during the same time period. The U.K., which has the third-highest volume of programmatic impressions available, had a fraudulent desktop impression rate of 15 percent, according to the same report."

Digiday added: "Fraudsters are hot for video"


The article continued: "Fraudsters go where the money is. Video accounts for 45 percent of spending and is responsible for 64 percent of ad fraud, while programmatic video is a particular problem child, accounting for 67 percent more fraud than direct video, according to Forester. India has the highest fraudulent video ad impression rates at 34 percent, with the U.S. taking second place at 27 percent, according to Pixalate’s Ad Fraud Benchmark report. The U.K. had a video ad fraud rate of 12 percent."

Read the full article in Digiday.

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