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Webinar Recap: Reducing IVT in Mobile Apps

Pixalate recently hosted a webinar featuring experts from RhythmOne, Centro, and InMobi to discuss best practices for reducing invalid traffic ("IVT") in mobile apps. You can download the webinar on demand here.

Featured speakers included:

  • Vish Tella, Product Manager, RhythmOne
  • Noor Naseer, Director, Digital Innovations, Centro
  • Carl-Fredrik Martensson, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances, InMobi
  • Moderated by Tony Casson, VP of Customer Success, Pixalate

See the full panel here:


Fraudsters are an active adversary

"Invalid traffic is an active adversary, where fraudsters are looking to make a profit by stealing marketers' campaign dollars," said Centro's Naseer. "Criminal actors are highly incentivized to constantly find new ways to make bot traffic look legitimate. There are so many active steps that need to be taken to proactively discover every new way that suspicious inventory could possibly come to exist."

Mobile in-app brand safety 'still has a way to go'

"The industry has moved in a good direction over the last year," said InMobi's Martensson. "[But] on the brand safety side, there's still a way to go for mobile in-app."

He noted that marketers need more visibility into the content inside of an app — not just the content displayed on the app stores.

Following generalized user trends to detect IVT risk

"On mobile devices, we can assume one user per device, which you can't on a desktop," said RhythmOne's Tella. "Essentially, you can do user fingerprinting on mobile devices and generalize behaviors and trends, and when that trend is not followed, the risk of IVT goes up. "

Tella also noted that mobile in-app IVT tends to have a "longer lifespan" because it often is baked into the app itself.

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