Pixalate Aligns with the MRC SIVT Guidelines in Rolling Out New Advertising Analytics Metrics

Pixalate, the industry’s leading data intelligence and fraud protection provider, will roll out new metrics and metrics groups in our advertising analytics dashboard in the next couple of weeks to align with Media Rating Council (MRC) SIVT guidelines as they relate to both Fraud and Viewability accreditation.  These additions are intended to strengthen existing processes with the goal of reducing the risk of invalid traffic and their associated costs.

The metrics will be categorized into these MRC approved groups:

Gross – Metrics before removal of Invalid Traffic

Gross metrics.png

Net of GIVT – Metrics after removal of General Invalid Traffic

Net of GIVT metrics.png

Net of All IVT – Metrics after removal of All Invalid Traffic

Net of IVT metrics.png

Filtered for GIVT – Metrics filtered as General Invalid Traffic

Filtered for GIVT metrics.png

Filtered for SIVT – Metrics filtered as Sophisticated Invalid Traffic

Filtered for SIVT metrics.png

In adding this level of granularity to our analytics reports, Pixalate gives advertising platforms, networks and brands confidence in what their viewability numbers really mean by providing maximum transparency into how non-human traffic is impacting viewability.

To see an overview of the new metrics in Pixalate's dashboard, please enjoy this video.

About Pixalate
Pixalate, Inc. is a leading global intelligence platform and real time-fraud protection provider. Pixalate is a Media Rating Council accredited vendor for display ad viewability. For more information, please visit pixalate.com.

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