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New Product Reveal in NYC

Next week is shaping up to be an exciting one for Pixalate, as we are gearing to be gold sponsors of both ad:tech and AppNexus Summit in New York.

Our CEO, Jalal Nasir, will be speaking at ad:tech on the “Fifty Shades of Advertising Fraud” where he will trace the digital footprint left behind by dubious Internet traffic, identify fifty different fraud types and explain how the advertising industry can protect itself from this growing threat.

Jalal’s talk will be part of the think:tech series for companies that are currently seeking solutions for blocking bots and other fraudulent activities in advertising.

We are also eager to announce the unveiling of a game-changing new product at both events.

Be sure to stop by our table at Appnexus Summit and Booth 203 at Ad Tech to learn more about how we are shaking things up.

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