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Pixalate Week in Review: June 5 - 9, 2017

This week's review of ad fraud and quality in the digital advertising space.


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1. Apple's Safari will block desktop ad tracking, autoplay videos


According to Adweek, Apple's next version of Safari will automatically block desktop ad tracking and autoplay video ads. This echoes what Google is planning with its Chrome browser. It's all part of a larger effort to improve quality in the digital media marketplace.

2. Domain spoofing in programmatic remains problematic


Per Digiday, domain spoofing has become a hot topic of late as marketers focus on fraud and brand safety. But it "remains an unsolved issue in programmatic advertising." Marketers will continue solving for domain spoofing as they strive for a high-quality programmatic marketplace.

3. Snap buys Placed to improve measurement, transparency


Snap this week acquired location data firm Placed. According to MediaPost, "The acquisition is not a surprise — the Snapchat parent had to do something. Last month, analysts blamed Snap’s less-than-stellar debut earnings report on its ad-tracking and measurement shortcomings." As marketers demand more transparency and quality, media companies are starting to deliver.

4. Ad quality improvements are on the horizon


In an op-ed on AdExchanger, Spencer Scott, head of media platforms at PCH/Media, says he "see[s] a turning of the tide in ad quality," with more publishers realizing that quality ads (and audiences) are vital, especially as advertisers set new expectations.

5. Solving the disconnect between buyers and sellers


In a roundup of its Hot Topic event in London this week, Digiday wrote of the disconnect between buyers and publishers. However, the article noted that they do share common ground. "Buyers, like publishers, also want more transparency of the entire digital ad-trading process," wrote Digiday. The article also touches on why the right partnerships are vital in programmatic, as they breed honesty and, ultimately, increase transparency.

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