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Over 85% of programmatic TV transactions occur in the US

New data from Pixalate shows that over 85% of programmatic TV advertising impressions occur in the United States.

Pixalate measured worldwide Connected TV/OTT programmatic ad impressions throughout 2017 for this study.  The United States easily leads the way, with 85.7% of all Q3 2017 programmatic TV ad impressions being served in that region.

United States, Australia lead way in terms of programmatic TV adoption


In Q3 2017, the top 10 countries in terms of programmatic TV market share were:

  • United States (85.7%)
  • Australia (8.0%)
  • United Kingdom (1.3%)
  • Canada (1.1%)
  • New Zealand (0.5%)
  • Mexico (0.3%)
  • Turkey (0.2%)
  • Vietnam (0.2%)
  • Germany (0.2%)
  • Saudi Arabia (0.2%)

United States sees programmatic TV volume increase 6x over 2017

In terms of volume (the raw number of programmatic TV advertising impressions served within each country), the United States saw a 6x growth in programmatic TV volume.

Notable countries that saw a large increase in programmatic TV volume in 2017:

  • Turkey (up 48x)
  • Australia (up 20x)
  • Vietnam (up 12x)
  • United States (up 6x)
  • Belgium (up 6x)
  • Ireland (up 6x)
  • New Zealand (up 3x)
  • Mexico (up 3x)
  • Spain (up 2x)

Notable countries that saw a decrease in programmatic TV volume in 2017:

  • Singapore (down 81%)
  • India (down 43%)
  • Germany (down 36%)
  • Japan (down 29%)
  • U.K. (down 24%)

United States programmatic TV market share has grown from 75% to 85% in 2017

The United States has seen its share of the programmatic TV ad marketplace grow from roughly 70-75% in Q1 to over 85% in Q3. Here is a chart showing the month-over-month change in the United States’ market share:



  • Adoption was already high in the U.S. to begin the year (nearly 75%).
  • The U.S. commanded roughly the same amount of programmatic TV market share throughout the winter and spring.
  • Once summer hit — June — the U.S. gained about 10% market share, rising to account for roughly 85% of the world’s programmatic TV space.
  • The summer peak extended into the fall, and the U.S. has hovered around 85% of global programmatic TV market share through October 2017.

U.S. is the fastest-growing country in terms of programmatic TV market share


The U.S. saw a 12.94% change in term of its Q1 2017 market share (72.76%) to its Q3 2017 market share (85.70%). No other country saw as big of a change.

In fact, Australia (up 5.92% in Q3 vs. Q1) was the only other country to grow at a rate higher than 1%.

New Zealand (up 0.28%), Saudi Arabia (up 0.16%), and Russia (up 0.03%) round out the top five.

UK, Canada among notable countries losing market share

On the flip side, Canada saw its share of the programmatic TV ad impression marketplace drop from 7.19% in Q1 to 1.07% in Q3, for a drop of 6.12%. This was the largest dip of any country in the world. While Canada’s raw programmatic TV volume did increase by 40% throughout the year, it didn’t rise nearly as fast as some of the other leading countries, and thus saw its market share decrease.

Another notable country to lose market share was the United Kingdom, which saw its share fall 3.43% (down from 4.72% to 1.29%). As noted above, the U.K. also saw a decrease in raw programmatic TV volume, so a dip in market share was to be expected.

Spain (down 2.87%), Vietnam (down 1.33%) and Japan (1.04%) were the other countries that lost at least 1% market share from Q1 to Q3.

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