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APAC: Trending apps based on video advertising: April 2018

Below you’ll find the individual lists of the top 10 trending apps for Android smartphones and tablets in APAC from April 2018, based on programmatic video advertising share of voice.

Android devices account for the vast majority of the mobile market in the APAC region. Given this, we have decided to share Android-specific rankings. 

You can download the full list of the top 30 trending apps for each device here:

thrive plus site list

APAC's trending Android smartphones apps: Video advertising, April 2018

According to Pixalate's data, Top Eleven 2018, an app in which players manage a soccer team, was the top trending app on Android smartphones in APAC in April 2018, based on programmatic video ad volume. Top Eleven 2018 had a market share of 7.7%.

Wordscapes was close behind, with a market share of 7.5%.


APAC's trending Android tablet apps: Video advertising, April 2018

According to Pixalate's data, 9Now was the top app on Android tablets in APAC in April 2018, based on programmatic video ad volume, with a market share of 18.7%. Business Inc. was second with a market share of 11.4% (it was No. 3 on Android smartphones).

Business Inc. was second with an 11.4% market share. It was the No. 4 app on Android smartphones. 


More trending apps reports:

Methodology and Disclaimer

Pixalate examined mobile in-app video advertisements sold via programmatic channels in the APAC region (Asia-Pacific) on Android devices throughout April 2018 for this study. The data is based on activity within apps that engage in programmatic advertising in the open marketplace. Invalid Traffic (IVT) — including General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) and Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) — were removed prior to ranking the apps. Each app's "Share of Voice" is determined based on programmatic display ad volume as measured by Pixalate. The data contained herein is based solely on Pixalate's Share of Voice analysis of programmatic advertising impressions in April 2018, and any reference to "top" or "trending" apps refers solely to an app's Share of Voice of programmatic advertising impressions.

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