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Interview: Verizon Media on mobile in-app advertising

Pixalate sat down with Greg MacDonald, VP, Ad Marketplace Partnerships at Verizon Media to discuss the state of the mobile in-app advertising ecosystem.

Verizon Media on supply path optimization and the role app stores play in mobile advertising

  • Policies and human review. When it comes to optimizing the mobile supply chain, MacDonald says it's important to have policies in place that make sense for your company — not just generic policies, since there is no one-size-fits-all. He also notes that advertisers should not overlook the importance of human review, even in today's automated ecosystem.
  • Supply path optimization. MacDonald says supply path optimization is a rising topic of importance in the app economy. More conversations around transparency and the alignment between the apps that make sense for the brand and what's available in the marketplace
  • App stores play a major role. MacDonald says the app stores play a major role in seeding advertising in the app economy. "It's really important that the app stores continue to be involved in different industry initiatives that help keep advertising well-lit and transparent and safe for advertisers and users," including app-ads.txt.

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