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Accidental click rate at 2% for Connected TV/OTT video

Aug 23, 2017 10:15:09 AM

Facebook recently announced its decision to crack down on accidental clicks; the social network won’t charge advertisers if the user goes back to the original page within two seconds of clicking the ad. Advertising Age and MediaPost covered the news in depth.

One of the telltale signs of an accidental click is that the click happened too fast. Using this definition, Pixalate dug into all clicks that came via programmatically-served ads in July 2017 to bring some hard numbers to the discussion.

Smartphones and tablets have the highest accidental click rates, but Connected TV/OTT devices are impacted as well. 

Over 2% of video ad clicks on Connected TV/OTT devices are accidental


Key takeaways

  • Web video ads on Connected TV/OTT devices had an accidental click rate of 2.7%, highest among all ad formats studied
  • App video ads had an accidental click rate of 2%
  • Web display ads had an accidental click rate of just 0.3% on Connected TV/OTT devices, while app display ads had a 0% accidental click rate in the period studied
  • Based on this data, video ads on Connected TV/OTT devices are significantly more likely to receive an accidental click than display ads.

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