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AdExchanger: Connected TV/OTT looks like 'the big winner in recovery' as programmatic ad spend rebounds

Jun 10, 2020 2:40:33 PM
"Programmatic spend in the United States began to rise in May, as lockdowns eased," reported AdExchanger, citing several data sources from ad tech companies, including Pixalate's COVID-19 benchmarks: Programmatic Ad Spend in the Age of COVID-19: Connected TV/OTT Advertising Report.

AdExchanger added: "Connected TV (CTV), which hasn’t been hit as hard as other media during the pandemic, looks to be the big winner in recovery as well."

OTT/CTV 'resilient' during the pandemic


"CTV’s resilience during the pandemic is carrying over into the recovery," wrote AdExchanger. The article cites Pixalate's research, which notes that programmatic OTT/CTV ad transactions were up 40% from April through mid-May after a 14% drop in March.
Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate, said: “OTT and CTV may witness two years' worth of growth in the next two quarters."

Cautious optimism for programmatic advertising

Joey Leichman, VP of buyer development at OpenX, is quoted by AdExchanger as saying, “We’re cautiously optimistic that this uptick is the start of a positive trend. But there is still a lot of uncertainty brands must navigate.”

Read the full article in AdExchanger.

See Pixalate's full report for OTT/CTV programmatic ad spend in the age of COVID-19

Pixalate's Programmatic Ad Spend in the Age of COVID-19: Connected TV/OTT Advertising Report — Version 2.0 includes:

  • Programmatic OTT/CTV ad spend trends on a week-by-week basis from April through May 2020
  • Fastest-rising Roku apps based on ad spend
  • OTT/CTV device types that saw the biggest change in ad spend and ad market share of voice
  • Roku app categories that saw the most change based on ad spend
  • Supply-side platforms (SSPs) that saw the most change in programmatic ad share of voice

Download a free copy of the Programmatic Ad Spend in the Age of COVID-19: Connected TV/OTT Report — Version 2.0 today.

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