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Pixalate Releases Q3 2018 Ads.txt Trends Report

Dec 7, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Pixalate this week released the Q3 2018 Ads.txt Trends Report. The report features data and insights collected by Pixalate detailing the state of ads.txt adoption over the third quarter of 2018. 


Q3 2018 Ads.txt Trends Report highlights:

  • Ads.txt adoption increased over 7.1x so far in 2018, rising from under 100,000 domains to nearly 600,000
  • On average, sites with ads.txt have a 22% lower IVT rate compared to sites without ads.txt
    • This is an improvement from Q2, when there was a 10% difference in IVT rates
  • Of the top 5000 programmatic domains, 77% now have ads.txt

Download the Report

Pixalate has made available a free download of all publishers that have an ads.txt file, as observed by Pixalate. This list is updated monthly.

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