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Over 182k apps now have app-ads.txt

Mar 19, 2020 12:56:53 PM

Pixalate recently released its 2019 App-ads.txt and Ads.txt Trends Report, updating programmatic buyers and sellers on the latest trends around the IAB Tech Lab's initiatives.

Over 182,000 apps now have app-ads.txt

According to Pixalate's data, over 182,000 apps had app-ads.txt files at the end of 2019, up from 3,308 at the end of Q1 2019 (when the initiative first launched).


Here are the total number of apps with app-ads.txt files – on iOS and Android combined — as of the last day of each quarter:

  • Q1 2019: 3,308 apps
  • Q2 2019: 9,154 apps
  • Q3 2019: 111,875 apps
  • Q4 2019: 182,832 apps

This equates to a roughly 5,500% increase in app-ads.txt adoption in 2019.

Pixalate's 2019 App-ads.txt & Ads.txt Report

Pixalate’s 2019 App-ads.txt and Ads.txt Trends Report includes:

    • Latest adoption trends for app-ads.txt and ads.txt
    • App-ads.txt adoption comparison for iOS vs. Android
    • Ad fraud (IVT) impact for both app-ads.txt and ads.txt
    • Adoption rates for the most popular apps & domains
    • Top SSPs for Android, iOS, and desktop (broken down as ‘reseller’ and ‘direct’)

Download a free copy of the 2019 App-ads.txt and Ads.txt Trends Report today.

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