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32% of mobile app programmatic ads are potentially brand-unsafe

Feb 10, 2020 9:14:07 AM

Pixalate's 2019 Mobile Advertising Supply Chain Safety Report dives into brand safety for mobile in-app programmatic advertising on the Google Play Store.

The results reveal that a significant amount of programmatic mobile in-app ad transactions are possibly-brand unsafe.

About 31,000 Google Play Store apps have possibly brand-unsafe advisories

In Q1 2019, about 26,000 Google Play Store apps had possibly brand-unsafe advisories. By Q3, that number had risen to over 31,000. 

Possibly "brand-unsafe" or "objectionable" advisories are based on content ratings used by the Google Play Store as well as other brand safety categories found through a content analysis of the app by Pixalate (i.e. adult/sexual content, gambling, violence, drugs, alcohol, profanity, or unrestricted web access).

Nearly one-third (32%) of programmatic ads appear next to possibly objectionable content


According to Pixalate's research, the 31,000 Google Play Store apps with possibly brand-unsafe advisories received about 32% of all mobile in-app Android programmatic ad transactions in Q3 2019.

This means that nearly one-third of all programmatic mobile app ads targeting Android users in Q3 2019 were potentially brand-unsafe, the highest mark in 2019.

  • Q1 2019: 27% appeared next to possibly brand-unsafe content
  • Q2 2019: 31% appeared next to possibly brand-unsafe content
  • Q3 2019: 32% appeared next to possibly brand-unsafe content

2019 Mobile Advertising Supply Chain Safety Report

Download a free copy of the 2019 Mobile Advertising Supply Chain Safety Report to learn more.

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