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Advertising Age: Brands Worry Twitter Underestimates Its Bot Problem

Jul 6, 2017 6:00:00 AM

July 6, 2017 — By: Garett Sloane, Advertising Age.


According to a recent article by Advertising Age, brands are concerned that Twitter might be underestimating its bot problem.

Advertising Age wrote: "Brands remain concerned about bots, worried they might communicate with their accounts, follow them, retweet the content, and wind up costing money when advertisers pay for fake engagements. Brands make tempting targets for bots, because the brands often follow anyone that follows them, giving the bot some more touch points of legitimacy when they count top brands as contacts."

The article added: "Pixalate, an outside measurement firm, said that Twitter has a bigger bot problem than its rivals. Twitter bots accounted for 3% to 17% of traffic coming from Twitter to outside websites measured by Pixalate in June.

"Meanwhile, Facebook saw up to 3% of its traffic coming from bots, Instagram saw 4% and Pinterest saw between 2% and 9%, according to Pixalate's analysis [from] June," Advertising Age wrote.

Read the full article in Advertising Age.

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