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Interview: Chartboost on the future of ad fraud

Pixalate sat down with Julius Ramirez, SVP, Global Revenue and Partnerships at Chartboost, a programmatic mobile in-app advertising and monetization platform, to discuss the future of ad fraud and why the industry needs to work together to combat the challenges.

Chartboost on the future of the future of ad fraud

  • Downward pressure from marketers. Ramirez anticipates that marketers will put downward pressure on the industry to be more accountable for fraud. "They are going to pressure all of their ecosystem partners and their buying environments to ensure they have the proper mechanisms in place to keep them safe and away from fraudulent or suspicious activity."
  • Rise in third-party auditors. "We're going to see a lot of standardization when we're looking at neutral parties that spend all day looking at what's fraudulent and what's not," says Ramirez
  • Fraud is an industry issue. Ramirez says too many companies try to blame someone else in the ecosystem for fraud. "The fact of the matter is: It's an ecosystem issue; it's an industry issue that we all need to solve."

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