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Protect your Connected TV/OTT advertising with pre-bid solutions exclusively from Pixalate

Connected TV and OTT advertising is in the midst of rapid growth, and more and more marketers are turning to programmatic solutions to scale their CTV/OTT investments. eMarketer projects a 58% rise in programmatic TV ad spend in 2019, followed by another 71% jump in 2020.

The rise in CTV/OTT programmatic advertising has attracted fraudsters, however, and these scammers have been flying under the radar due to some common myths about ad fraud in OTT.

Pixalate, the only MRC-accredited solution for OTT sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) detection and filtration, is the leading anti-fraud solution for OTT advertisers. Our engineering team has closely studied invalid traffic behavior in OTT to develop best-in-class products to protect your growing investments.

Pixalate exclusively prevents ad fraud in Connected TV/OTT with two pre-bid blocklists

  • Pre-bid blocklist: OTT Device IDs

  • Pre-bid blocklist: IPv6 (includes OTT)

Pre-bid blocklist: OTT Device IDs

Our OTT Device ID blocklist provides pre-bid protection from fraud coming from malicious OTT devices. The blocklist delivers detailed metrics, including device ID, fraud type, OS, and probability of fraud.

With over 300 device types recognized and over 85 OTT stores monitored, Pixalate’s OTT device ID blocklist offers comprehensive, market-wide OTT protection.

Advertisers who use this list increase media ROI with pre-bid blocking of fraudulent OTT devices.

Pre-bid blocklist: IPv6 (includes OTT)

Newer connections, especially those that utilize VAST, are increasingly taking advantage of the IPv6 protocol. We’ll be writing more in the future about the advantages of IPv6, however, for now, marketers need to know that recognizing fraud across IPv6 requires companies to build new technologies.

An increasing amount of video, streaming, residential and cellular signals are using IPv6 and this blocklist provides critical, unique protection for marketers buying or selling through these channels.

Fraudsters know that newer formats are easy targets because industry-wide standards and solutions take time to develop and implement. Pixalate’s IPv6 pre-bid blocklist guards against this vulnerability and protects your investments by providing you with the latest technology in cross-device fraud prevention across all devices.

See how Pixalate’s exclusive products protect your CTV/OTT advertising investments

Pixalate is committed to the fight against ad fraud across all devices — including CTV/OTT. Pixalate’s exclusive OTT ad fraud solutions are the only way to effectively protect your CTV/OTT investments at the pre-bid stage.

Our solutions offer platform-wide protection and help advertisers increase ROI by eliminating ad fraud, and there’s more to come.

Schedule a demo to see how Pixalate’s solutions help your business safely grow in CTV/OTT.

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