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The Rising Importance of Mobile Ad Fraud: ExchangeWire Q&A With Pixalate and Voluum

By: Lindsay Rowntree, ExchangeWire. May 16, 2017.

ExchangeWire this week published a Q&A with Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate, and Gavin Stirrat, managing director of Voluum.

The piece zeroed in on the state of mobile ad fraud today. ExchangeWire explored how is mobile affected by ad fraud, certain types of mobile ad fraud, the gravity of the problem, and how Voluum and Pixalate are working together to reduce fraud at the pre-bid stage.

ExchangeWire asked: “It’s been well publicised that ad fraud will have cost brands USD$7.2bn (£5.6bn) in 2016 – how much of this can be attributed to mobile?”

Jalal Nasir, Pixalate’s CEO, answered:

“Current Pixalate measurements correlated to overall industry trends indicate that roughly 60% of all digital advertising impressions are transacted on mobile devices. Similarly, we estimate that between 50% and 60% of all money lost due to ad fraud occurs on mobile devices. We recently conducted a study which concluded that roughly 65% of all fraudulent impressions occur on mobile devices, either in-app or on mobile web.”

Detailing specific types of mobile ad fraud, Nasir said: “There are many other ways in which mobile ad fraud can manifest across mobile web and mobile apps, including in mediation deals where the developers can reverse engineer the API calls being made to SSPs through the SDK and start making those calls from the web browser or a server in a data centre. Ad stacking (placing several banners on top of each other) also exists in mobile, as do click and attribution fraud.”

Click here to read the full article on ExchangeWire, which also includes questions revolving around the seriousness of the mobile ad fraud problem, whether or not brands are fully aware of the impact ad fraud has on their bottom line, what Voluum and Pixalate are doing to combat the issue, and what we can expect in the mobile ad fraud space in 2017.

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