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Pixalate Releases 2017 Ads.txt Trends Report

Pixalate this week released its 2017 Ads.txt Trends Report. The report features data and insights collected by Pixalate detailing the year-end state of ads.txt adoption. 

The industry-wide ads.txt effort was born in the IAB's Tech Lab and has created overnight transparency for buyers into the programmatic advertising ecosystem of sellers and domains.

The rise of ads.txt


Since September, Pixalate has been detailing ads.txt adoption on a weekly basis via its blog and has made available for download a list containing all publishers who have an ads.txt file, as observed by Pixalate, which is updated weekly.

The 2017 Ads.txt Trends Report compiles this months-long research into a concise report detailing the rise of ads.txt over the final months of 2017 — and where it stands as the year ends.


Inside the report, you'll find...

  • Ads.txt adoption trends from September-December 2017
  • Insight into the Alexa Top 1000 and Top 5000 sites and their ads.txt adoption rates on a week-by-week basis
    • Insight into the Pixalate Top 1000 and Top 5000 sites — which only contain sites which support programmatic advertising — and their ads.txt adoption rates on a week-by-week basis
  • Data on which exchanges show up most often on ads.txt files
    • Includes data on which exchanges are listed most often as a direct partner, as a reseller, and a combination of both
  • And much more

Report highlights:

  • According to Pixalate's data, on September 18, 2017, the total number of sites with an ads.txt file was 3,523
    • That number rose to 71,288 by December 18, 2017, representing a rise of 1,924%
  • Of the top 1000 sites which support programmatic, ads.txt adoption increased from about 16% in September to about 56% in December
  • Of the 71,288 domains which have an ads.txt file, Google is found on 96.6% of them
  • Google is the exchange most often listed as a "direct" partner on ads.txt files, while AppNexus is the exchange most often listed as a "reseller" on ads.txt files, according to Pixalate's data


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