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IAB Tech Lab Innovation Day: Shining the light on OTT/CTV ad fraud


Pixalate is thrilled to announce that we will be joining senior data scientists, product engineers, and technical leaders at the IAB Tech Lab Innovation Day on May 6, 2019 in New York City.

The IAB Tech Lab's Innovation Day will focus on transparency and securing the programmatic supply chain, which is bombarded by new ad fraud threats on a daily basis.

Fraudsters continue to exploit marketers in mobile in-app environments, and they've even begun launching attacks in new channels, like Connected TV/OTT.

Pixalate's feature presentation: New Data from OTT/CTV Ad Fraud and the Rise of App Spoofing

Pixalate, the leading company in mobile in-app and OTT/CTV ad fraud prevention, will update our industry's data, engineering, and technical leaders on the latest trends and threats in these two crucial sectors. 

  • Presented by:
    • Amy King, VP, Product Marketing
    • Angelos Lazaris, Chief Data Scientist, Pixalate

Join Pixalate's Amy King and Angelos Lazaris as they outline the latest trends in OTT/CTV advertising and take a deep dive into the mobile landscape's app spoofing problem.

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