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Interview: IAB Tech Lab on app-ads.txt and OTT/CTV

Oct 16, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Pixalate sat down with Jennifer Derke, Director of Product, Programmatic/Automation at IAB Tech Lab, an industry consortium which develops standards and technology for the digital media ecosystem, to discuss the app-ads.txt standard and forays into emerging channels like OTT/CTV.

IAB Tech Lab on app-ads.txt and what's next for OTT/CTV

  • There's value in collaboration. Derke says the fast uptake of ads.txt and app-ads.txt impressed the IAB Tech Lab and that adoption of the initiatives "gives us hope that there's still value in producing industry technology standards, [in] collaboration, and [in] educating marketers to use these technologies to reduce fraud."
  • OTT/CTV are huge opportunities. The IAB Tech Lab is working to give marketers the same brand safety toolkits for desktop and mobile in-app to the "wild west" of OTT/CTV, including app-ads.txt and OTT identifiers
  • Ads.cert also helps combat ad fraud. The IAB Tech Lab's ads.cert initiative helps buyers understand if the inventory is authenticated; a complementary type of transparency to ads.txt. Other initiatives include sellers.json and supply chain object

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