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Fantasy sports apps among most popular for advertisers on iPhones in Q4 2018

Pixalate monitors billions of mobile in-app programmatic advertising transactions to identify which apps are trending at any given moment. We publish quarterly updates on trending apps across iOS (phones and tablets) and Android (phones and tablets). 

This post highlights the top 10 trending iPhone apps in the United States, based on display and video programmatic advertising volume, in Q4 2018. To see the most recent top 30 apps, download the list here:

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Key takeaways:

  • DraftKings, a fantasy sports app, was in the top 10 for display advertising in Q4 as the NFL season was in full force and the NBA and NHL seasons began

  • Similarly, CBS Sports’ scores, stats, and news app was the No. 1 app for programmatic video advertising on iPhones

  • Music apps dominated for video advertising, with four such apps ranking in the top 10

Trending iPhone apps for display advertising (Q4 2018)

  • DraftKings, a fantasy sports app, made the top 10 as the NFL, NBA, and NHL seasons were in action throughout Q4

  • iFunny and theCHIVE — two Entertainment apps — both ranked in the top five

  • Three Games apps — Wordscapes, Trivia Crack, and Jigsaw Puzzle — ranked in the top 10

Trending iPhone apps for video advertising (Q4 2018)


  • Four Entertainment/Gaming apps in the Music subcategory ranked in the top 10: Trebel Music, Slacker Radio, Rolling Sky, and Dancing Line

  • CBS Sports’ app for scores, stats, and news ranked No. 1 for video advertising as consumers stayed up-to-date with three of the big four sports: NFL, NBA, and NHL

  • Games apps Wordscapes and Trivia Crack ranked in the top five for both video and display advertising

To see the most recent top 30 apps, download the list here:

Download the List

Want more information about trending apps? See our App Trends Reports, which reveal the latest trending apps based on a variety of key signals important to advertisers, including Breakout AppViewabilityUnique VisitorActive UserIncentivized AppDownloads, and Share of Voice.

Note: Any reference to "top" or "trending" apps refers solely to an app's Share of Voice of programmatic advertising impressions as measured by Pixalate.

DISCLAIMER: Pixalate's iPhone App Trends reports present ratings and rankings for the top iPhone apps according to a number of categories. These categories reflect Pixalate's opinions with respect to factors that Pixalate believes will be of value to purchasers or sellers of in-app digital advertising inventory, advertisers and agencies representing advertisers, and publishers of such apps or competitive offerings. The scores or ratings in each category reflect Pixalate’s opinions regarding the performance of each iPhone application with respect to each particular category. The rankings reflect Pixalate's opinions regarding the relative performance of each iPhone application with respect to these categories. Pixalate's opinions are just that – opinions, not facts or guarantees – but they are grounded in its proprietary technology and analytics, which Pixalate is continuously evaluating and updating.

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