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Mobile app fraud: Invalid traffic (IVT) by app category (2019)

Apr 8, 2019 8:00:00 AM

What are the latest mobile app fraud trends and invalid traffic (IVT) rates in programmatic advertising across different app categories? Pixalate analyzed the most recent mobile in-app ad fraud data to update you on the current state of app fraud and invalid traffic.

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Mobile app fraud: iOS IVT by Apple App Store category (Q4 2018)

Our mobile app fraud insight drills into the specific app categories with high IVT rates. On iOS phones (display advertising), we measured that Social Networking apps have the highest IVT rates.


  • Social Networking apps had a 16% IVT rate in Q4 2018, highest among iPhone app categories
    • "Walled gardens" such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., are not included
  • Games had the second-highest IVT rate, at 12%

Mobile app fraud: Android IVT by Google Play Store category (Q4 2018)

Similar to iOS devices, Social apps also have the highest app fraud rates on Android phones for display advertising. And as our mobile ad fraud trends shows, Android devices typically have higher overall IVT rates.


  • Social apps had the highest display IVT rate (20%) on Android phones
    • "Walled gardens" such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., are not included
  • The Tools category, which includes flashlight apps, cleaning apps, etc., had the second-highest display IVT rate, at 16%

Download our most recent report for the latest trends in Mobile App Fraud:

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Still looking or more information about ad fraud?

For a high-level view of IVT in digital advertising, view our overall ad fraud trends.

For a high-level view of IVT in mobile advertising, view our mobile ad fraud trends.

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