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Over 22% of programmatic OTT/CTV is invalid: New report

Sep 24, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Programmatic OTT/CTV invalid traffic (IVT) rates remain above 20%, keeping advertisers on their toes as they increase spend in this rising medium. In our Q2 2019 Ad Fraud Report, we reveal the overall programmatic IVT rates for OTT/CTV advertising. 

Programmatic OTT/CTV invalid traffic (IVT) rates top 22%


  • Programatic OTT/CTV video has a 22.3% invalid traffic (IVT) rate
    • 77.7% "clean" traffic
  • This data is for programmatic video advertising in H1 2019

See more of the latest ad fraud trends in our Q2 2019 ad fraud update

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