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Pixalate Week in Review: August 3 - 7, 2020

Aug 7, 2020 2:48:29 PM

This week's review of ad fraud and quality in the digital advertising space.

1: Nearly 300 Chrome extensions caught in ad fraud scam


"More than 80 million Chrome users have installed one of 295 Chrome extensions that hijack and insert ads inside Google and Bing search results," reported ZDNet. "[T]he vast majority of the malicious extensions (245 out of the 295 extensions) were simplistic utilities that had no other function than to apply a custom background for Chrome's 'new tab' page," ZDNet added.

2. New click fraud ad scam is hitting small businesses


A new "digital scam [is] draining thousands from [small] businesses," reported Gizmodo. The scam is set to cost the businesses $15,000 per year, per Gizmodo. The article added: "[F]or the most part, these dollar-draining clicks were coming straight from rivals of the businesses in question, looking to put their competitors out of a job. And in some cases, it’s working."

3. Over two-thirds (69%) of brands now in-house programmatic


"Sixty-nine percent of brands have either partially or completely moved programmatic buying of display, video and/or CTV in house, according to a 2020 survey conducted by the IAB and Accenture Interactive across the US, European and Latin American markets," reported AdExchanger

4. US mobile ad spend will grow in 2020, reach pre-pandemic trajectory by 2021


"[Mobile] is faring slightly better than most other media and will eke out growth in 2020," reported eMarketer in its revised forecast, calling for mobile ad spend to rise 4.8% this year. "Barring additional waves of the coronavirus, mobile ad spending should return to a pre-pandemic trajectory next year, reaching $112.09 billion," eMarketer added.

5. Publishers' programmatic revenue rose in June and July


"[F]or publishers that rely on open exchanges for their programmatic ad revenue, the past two months have been among the hottest of the year," wrote Digiday. "Thanks to a surge of spending by advertisers that had to cut back or pause their spending in the second quarter, demand in the open exchanges has leapt, according to sources at two different advertising agencies focused on programmatic advertising."

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