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Pixalate Week in Review: February 8 - 12, 2021

Feb 12, 2021 2:30:00 PM

This week's review of ad fraud and quality in the digital advertising space.

1: Super Bowl streaming rises 65%


The Super Bowl had 96.4 million viewers across all platforms, according to eMarketer (via Nielsen data). It was the least-watched Super Bowl in 14 years. "One bright spot, however, was CBS’s streaming audience—there was a record-setting 5.7 million viewers, a 65% increase from last year," eMarketer noted.

2. Smart TVs are the next battlefront for CTV advertising


While CTV devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV remain the primary ways in which people stream TV, Digiday reports that smart TV markers are "beginning to challenge those companies’ dominance over the connected TV screen, attracting more attention from audiences as well as streaming services and advertisers."

3. YouTube earns brand safety accreditation from the MRC


Google's YouTube has received MRC accreditation for brand safety. Yahoo Finance reports that YouTube "effectively protects its advertisers from appearing on content deemed inappropriate for paid ads" and that Google is "committed to remaining at least 99% effective at making sure ad placements on YouTube are brand safe."

4. Will Apple's IDFA changes shift more spend to CTV?


Well over half (60%) of advertisers "have yet to even begin formulating any strategy for adjusting to Apple's [upcoming IDFA] changes," reported MediaPost, citing a new study from Advertiser Perceptions.

“Programmatic advertisers will shift some of their ad dollars to places where they still have an ability to target and measure their audiences as they’ve done in the past,” Lauren Fisher, Advertiser Perceptions Vice President-Business Intelligence noted in the report, per MediaPost. Fisher added: "That could mean connected TV (CTV), Android for now, and other parts of the web.”

5. CTV predictions for 2021


ExchangeWire has gathered a handful of 2021 predictions for CTV advertising. "The early success of CTV from both a consumer and advertising perspective will result in next year’s media plans looking very different to anything we’ve seen before," said Alex Khan, group managing director, International at Unruly. 

Omri Polak, head of content at Primis, added: "As more audiences flock to video on their desktops, phones, and on CTV, advertisers will demand even greater transparency into the effectiveness of video."

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