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Pixalate Week in Review: June 7 - 11, 2021

Piotr Boiwka
Jun 11, 2021 1:00:00 PM

This week's review of ad fraud and quality in the digital advertising space.

1. Pixalate presents 10 best CTV & mobile apps in ad quality


Pixalate recently revealed the Publisher Trust Index (PTI) to rank CTV and mobile apps based on overall advertising quality. This week, Pixalate reviewed the top 10 apps across the most popular CTV and mobile platforms, including Roku, Amazon, Google, and Apple:

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2: Apple introduces new privacy features for Safari and Mail


With the iOS 15 update, Apple will give more information to users about their data, such as "how often apps use your contacts, microphone, location, or other data and identifiers". The second change is limiting advertisers' ability to track email "insight into if or when their messages were opened," explains The Verge

3. Biden rescinded TikTok and WeChat ban


President Joe Biden's administration canceled the ban on TikTok and WeChat issued by former President Donald Trump. However, Biden ordered "to study the threats posed by some foreign countries' data collection," according to MediaPost. 

4. Apple App Store has a problem with scams


According to the Washington Post's analysis, 2% of 1,000 most popular Apple App Store apps "one day were scams." The Washington Post wrote: "And those apps have bilked consumers out of an estimated $48 million during the time they’ve been on the App Store."

Find out more here.

5. Comcast suspended funding Hulu


Comcast halts Hulu's funding due to Disney's strategy to distribute "Hulu content under other streaming brand names in international markets," informs MediaPost.

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