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Pixalate Week in Review: December 16 - 20, 2019

Dec 20, 2019 10:30:00 AM

This week's review of ad fraud and quality in the digital advertising space.

1. Pixalate releases 2019 Mobile Ad Supply Chain Safety Report

Pixalate-2019-Mobile-Ad-Supply Chain-Safety-Report-Blog-Cover

Pixalate, a global ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform, this week announced the findings of significant research from its latest analysis, detailed in the 2019 Mobile Advertising Supply Chain Safety Report.

The first part of Pixalate’s mobile app analysis zeroes in on National Security, Consumer Privacy, and Ad Fraud risks stemming from apps in the Google Play Store. 

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2. MediaPost: Over 80% of top U.S. Google Play Store apps have 'dangerous permissions'


"An alarming analysis of mobile apps targeting users released today by Pixalate suggests potential threats to both brand safety and national security," wrote MediaPost, reporting on Pixalate's 2019 Mobile Advertising Supply Chain Safety Report. "About a third of the [top] apps served programmatic ads that may have run against brand-unsafe content, while 80% had 'dangerous permissions,' including potential consumer data privacy violations."

3. Top 100 Russian, Chinese, and Shell Location apps popular in the U.S.


What are the most popular foreign-registered Google Play Store mobile apps in the U.S.?

As revealed in our 2019 Mobile Advertising Supply Chain Safety Report, up to 72% of the 10k most popular apps in the U.S. (based on programmatic ad volume) are registered outside of the U.S.

Pixalate has added three new reports to our App Trends Reports, including:

4. Top 100 apps delisted from the Google Play Store


As revealed in our 2019 Mobile Advertising Supply Chain Safety Report, Google delisted over 880,000 apps from the Play Store between Q1 and Q3 2019. But which delisted apps were the most popular?

We have published a list of the top 100 apps delisted from the Google Play Store, based on download volume before the apps were delisted.

5. 4A's Playbook: Brand Safety in OTT/CTV


The 4A's has added an addendum to its Brand Safety Playbook to held advertisers navigate brand safety and ad fraud in OTT/CTV. 

Below is a sample from the playbook. You can read the whole thing here:

Fraud in CTV consists primarily of:

  • Spoofed domains (pirate sites or other low-quality content masquerading as legitimate publishers)
  • Spoofed user agents (inventory running on PCs, tablets, or phones masquerading as connected TVs)
  • Data-center emulators
  • Bot-generated traffic
  • Malware-hijacked devices that run invisible ads in the background

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