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Pixalate Week in Review: September 23 - 27, 2019

This week's review of ad fraud and quality in the digital advertising space.

1. Over 22% of programmatic OTT/CTV is invalid


Programmatic OTT/CTV invalid traffic (IVT) rates remain above 20%, keeping advertisers on their toes as they increase spend in this rising medium. In this blog, we reveal the overall programmatic IVT rates for OTT/CTV advertising

More data can be found in our Q2 2019 Ad Fraud Report here.

2. Number of ad-supported Roku apps up 53% since start of 2018


How fast is the OTT/CTV app ecosystem growing for advertisers — particularly via the Roku app channel store? In this blog, we review the growth rate Roku apps that support advertising.

More data can be found on our H1 2019 OTT/CTV Supply Chain Intelligence report.

3. Mobile video IVT is 3x higher in-app compared to web


Mobile in-app invalid traffic (IVT) rates for programmatic video advertising are over 30% on smartphones and tablets. In this blog, we highlight overall programmatic video IVT rates across all devices, including mobile in-app, mobile web, desktop, and OTT/CTV.

More data can be found in our Q2 2019 Ad Fraud Report here.

4. Guilty pleas in ad fraud case


Two people involved in the 3ve ad fraud scheme this week plead guilty to "to conspiring to commit wire fraud and related charges, for their involvement in a widespread digital advertising fraud." Justice.gov has more.

5. Privacy advocate behind CCPA has a stricter proposal for 2020


"Alastair Mactaggart, the man behind the California Consumer Protection Act, has a second act," wrote AdExchanger. "Disturbed by the intensity with which ad industry and tech lobbying groups “explicitly prioritized weakening the CCPA,” as Mactaggart put it in an open letter posted to his website, he’s spearheading a new ballot measure for the 2020 California elections."

Read AdExchanger for the full scoop on the new proposal.

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