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Pixalate Releases June 2017 Programmatic Click Fraud Benchmarks Report

Jun 20, 2017 6:00:00 AM

Pixalate has released the June 2017 Programmatic Click Fraud Benchmarks Report. The report offers digital marketers the first look at click fraud rates in the programmatic media marketplace.

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 Report Highlights:

  • Smartphone click fraud increased 102% from January-April 2017
  • Smartphone and tablet video click fraud rose nearly 3x
  • Tablet display click fraud jumped 50%
  • Connected TV/OTT click fraud within apps rose 70%
  • Display click fraud increased 17% and video click fraud climbed 26%
  • Over 75% of desktop clicks on 300x600 ad units were fraudulent


What else is in the report:

 Inside the report you'll find:

  • Click fraud benchmark data across smartphones, tablets, and desktop
  • Click fraud rates in the connected TV/OTT space
  • Click fraud rates across display and video ads
  • And much more!

Digital marketers have been attempting to ditch "click-based" metrics for years, but the KPI still shows up on campaign reports. And while the ad world debates the merits of click-based metrics, the impact click fraud has within programmatic is often overlooked.

The research, data, and insights contained in this report can help buyers and sellers understand and benchmark click fraud in programmatic — with granular data that drills down into specific channels and devices.

Download the report today to learn more about click fraud in programmatic! 

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