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Adweek, MediaPost: Programmatic Connected TV/OTT advertising shows signs of recovery; transactions rise 40%

Jun 3, 2020 9:58:19 AM
Pixalate recently released updated COVID-19 benchmarks: Programmatic Ad Spend in the Age of COVID-19: Connected TV/OTT Advertising Report. This blog aggregates a sampling of coverage on the latest benchmarks.

Adweek: OTT/CTV advertisers shows signs of rebound

"Advertising rebounded in April — at least on connected televisions — as the initial wave of public service-driven advertising ebbed and brands began to take advantage of the rise in screen time in quarantine," Adweek reported, citing Pixalate's research.
The research shows that programmatic ad transactions on OTT/CTV rose 40% between early April and mid-May — a sign of recovery after a 14% drop in March.

'CTV ... gives advertisers the opportunity to come back in'

All major OTT/CTV device types saw an increase in ad transactions in this time, with Vizio devices (+108%) leading the pack. Adweek interviewed Vizio's Mike O'Donnell, SVP of Platform Business, on the latest findings:

“CTV, especially in a programmatic nature, gives advertisers the opportunity to come back in and test not only getting back in the marketplace, but test out new creative executions for this new world,” O’Donnell said.

MediaPost: News, Entertainment, Family apps see a bump


In its coverage, MediaPost highlighted some of the major Roku apps that saw gains in the time period studied:

"Hulu (+44%) and Sling TV (+30%), the two biggest Roku store apps by programmatic ad spend, saw significant gains, as did The CW (+129%), Fox News Channel (+103%) and ABC (+31%), among others," wrote MediaPost. "In addition, apps in the 'kids and family' category on Roku saw a 128% increase in programmatic ad spend."

AdExchanger: CTV a 'flexible alternative'

"Brands may have paused or pulled back advertising overall, but many are still pushing forward on connected TV," wrote AdExchanger in its review of Pixalate's findings. "As advertisers hesitate on their upfront commitments, CTV could be a more flexible alternative."

See the full report

Pixalate's Programmatic Ad Spend in the Age of COVID-19: Connected TV/OTT Advertising Report — Version 2.0 includes:

  • Programmatic OTT/CTV ad spend trends on a week-by-week basis from April through May 2020
  • Fastest-rising Roku apps based on ad spend
  • OTT/CTV device types that saw the biggest change in ad spend and ad market share of voice
  • Roku app categories that saw the most change based on ad spend
  • Supply-side platforms (SSPs) that saw the most change in programmatic ad share of voice

Download a free copy of the Programmatic Ad Spend in the Age of COVID-19: Connected TV/OTT Report — Version 2.0 today.

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