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Roku has 70% of the OTT programmatic advertising market share, beating Amazon, Apple, and Google

New Pixalate data has revealed that the Connected TV/OTT marketplace is in a phase of rapid growth in the United States. But which devices are behind this growth?

For this study, Pixalate measured Connected TV/OTT programmatic ad impressions throughout the U.S. in 2017.

Over two-thirds (68.8%) of Connected TV/OTT programmatic ads are served on Roku devices

According to Pixalate's data, Roku dominated the Connected TV/OTT programmatic ad space in 2017.

In January 2017, Roku accounted for over one-third (36.2%) of the space:


By October 2017, Roku had nearly doubled its market share, up to 68.8%.


A few highlights from each device


  • Saw its share of the Connected TV/OTT programmatic ad marketplace rise every month from January to October 2017, according to Pixalate's data.
  • Rose from 36.2% to 68.8% in this time span.

devices-month-over-month-ott.png(Chart depicting month-over-month trends for every device studied. Roku was placed on its own axis.)


  • Started 2017 with the second-largest market share, at 14.5%, according to Pixalate's data.
  • Still had the second-largest market share as of October, but saw its slice of the pie cut nearly in half (down to 7.8%)

Amazon Fire

  • Amazon Fire saw its market share bounce between 4% and 8% throughout 2017, per Pixalate's data.

Google Chromecast

  • According to Pixalate's data, Chromecast was steady in the 6-8% range from January-July 2017.
  • However, from August-October, Chromecast was in the 3-5% market share range.

Apple TV

  • Apple TV is the only device that did not seen a sizable difference between its market share to begin the year (4.5%) and its market share as of October 2017 (4.5%), according to Pixalate's data.
  • Apple TV’s market share was in the 4-5.5% range for every month studied.

Jadoo 4

  • Jadoo 4’s market share decreased from 6.7% to begin the year to 2.8% as of October 2017, according to Pixalate's data.
  • This device’s market share was above 3% every month from January-June, but it was below 3% every month from July-October.


  • According to Pixalate's data, over the first four months of 2017, Xbox accounted for a sizable share — greater than 10% — of the Connected TV/OTT programmatic ad marketplace 
  • Xbox’s market share decrease began in May before reaching its lowest point (1.8%) in October 2017.

Nintendo Wii (U)

  • Nintendo’s Wii (U) accounted for about 1% of the marketplace to begin the year, but that number dropped to about 0.5% by the spring, according to Pixalate's data.
  • The Wii’s market share was 0.1% each month over the final four months studied.

Other OTT/Smart TV

  • According to Pixalate's data, Other OTT devices, and Smart TVs, accounted for about one-in-10 programmatic ad impressions in this space to begin the year.
  • This number dipped to just below 5% as of October 2017.

Below is a chart showing every device’s market share of the Connected TV/OTT programmatic ad space in the U.S. for each month from January-October, 2017, as measured by Pixalate:

all data.png

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