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Interview: PubMatic on the evolution of mobile in-app advertising

Oct 16, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Pixalate sat down with Emma Newman, Chief Revenue Officer, EMEA, at PubMatic, a digital advertising technology platform for app developers and premium publishers, to discuss how advertisers can find quality mobile in-app inventory.

PubMatic on the rise of private marketplaces and the importance of app-ads.txt

  • The rise of private marketplaces. Newman says brands have found that buying mobile in-app via private marketplaces (PMPs) helps reduce risk and improve quality, resulting in a sharp rise in the number of advertisers buying in-app via PMPs
  • App-ads.txt will improve trust in mobile in-app. The IAB Tech Lab's app-ads.txt initiative will strengthen trust in the mobile in-app ecosystem, says Newman, and help combat some of the perceived risks of the industry. She says PubMatic has been proactive in working with publishers to ensure they are prepared for app-ads.txt (and other initiatives) to help with smooth transitions

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