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Interview: RhythmOne on cleaning the programmatic supply chain

Pixalate sat down with Karim Rayes, Chief Product Officer at RhythmOne — a cross-device supply-side platform (SSP) — to discuss ad fraud and steps that can be taken to achieve a clean programmatic supply chain.

RhythmOne stresses the importance of supply path optimization

We asked Rayes how the conversation around ad fraud has evolved over the years, and also asked him to weigh in on what publishers can do to ensure a clean supply chain:

  • Supply path optimization. Rayes says the industry is approaching ad fraud in new ways, noting that the conversation now revolves around supply path optimization. The conversation includes validating partners and relying on third-party measurement — not just the latter.
  • Understand your partnerships. Rayes says suppliers are working with fewer buyers compared to years ago. The main reason: Publishers need to be able to control their supply path.

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