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Pixalate’s self-service portal provides transparency and support

Mar 14, 2019 7:43:56 AM

At Pixalate, we pride ourselves on first-class customer support that provides detailed fraud insights, analysis, and answers to media quality questions. As part of our work in helping clients prevent cross-channel ad fraud, we are releasing a self-service portal to give clients 24/7 access to this information.

The Customer Portal works in tandem with our detailed dashboards and our dedicated customer success staff; the three services form the most complete fraud monitoring, prevention, and analysis in the marketplace.

The Customer Support Portal was created based on client feedback and includes:

The Customer Support Portal brings our customers another tool to further their effective cross-channel fraud prevention. The fraud landscape is constantly changing, and, to keep our customers at the forefront, we have created the portal to provide:

  • Transparency: Customers have direct access to detailed information about Pixalate’s fraud solutions and product features

  • Empowerment: The Customer Support Portal enables clients to learn independently about our fraud capabilities

  • Best practices: Customers can rely on the Customer Support Portal as a “source of truth” which will always contain the most up-to-date information about Pixalate’s full suite of products and their adherence to industry standards

Preventing fraud across display, mobile, in-app and video channels requires solutions that employ multiple parallel approaches. Our Customer Support Portal is one example of how Pixalate builds services that coordinate to meet business needs while growing media quality.

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More information about the Customer Support Portal can be found below:

Pixalate Analytics


The Analytics section in the Customer Support Portal includes information about:

  • Onboarding and integration

  • Detailed information about the various reports included in Analytics

  • FAQs

Pre-bid Blocking


The Blocking section in the Customer Support Portal includes information about:

  • Overview and schema of all pre-bid blocklists

  • Best practices for implementing and maintaining all pre-bid blocklists

  • FAQs about Pixalate’s pre-bid Blocking

Media Ratings Terminal


The Media Ratings Terminal (MRT) section in the Customer Support Portal includes information about:

  • Breakdown of all insights provided in the MRT, including domain and app insights

  • How to create custom dashboards

  • Understanding our App Trend Reports

  • Seller Trust Index criteria and definitions

  • FAQs about the Media Ratings Terminal

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