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Over half of the top 1,000 apps have app-ads.txt

Nov 22, 2019 12:07:29 PM

The IAB Tech Lab's app-ads.txt initiative launched in March 2019, and since then, the mobile app ad industry has been eagerly anticipating widespread adoption. In Pixalate's Q3 2019 App-ads.txt & Ads.txt Report, we reveal the growth rate of app-ads.txt among the most popular apps in advertising.

Over half of the top 1,000 most popular programmatic apps now have app-ads.txt


  • Of the top 1,000 most popular apps based on Q3 2019 programmatic ad volume:
    • 58.3% of iOS apps have app-ads.txt files
    • 53.8% of Android apps have app-ads.txt

See more App-ads.txt & Ads.txt trends in our Q3 2019 report

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