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Interview: MoPub on mobile in-app supply quality

Oct 4, 2019 6:00:00 AM

Pixalate sat down with Brian Bravo, Senior Strategic Partner Development Manager at MoPub — Twitter's mobile in-app ad exchange — to discuss mobile in-app ad quality and tips for maintaining a clean supply chain.

Summary: MoPub's approach to mobile in-app supply quality

MoPub takes a four-pronged, end-to-end approach to supply quality:

  1. Publisher vetting. MoPub thoroughly vets the mobile apps that it works with before bringing them on to the MoPub platform.
  2. Pre-bid filtration. MoPub uses Pixalate at the pre-bid stage to filter invalid traffic (IVT) from the MoPub Marketplace. Read more about Pixalate's and MoPub's pre-bid filtering partnership.
  3. Post-bid analytics. By working with two MRC-accredited ad fraud detection companies (including Pixalate), MoPub accurately monitors post-bid activity.
  4. Ongoing investigation and policy enforcement. MoPub has an "investigations and policy enforcement team through Twitter to help in any reactive ways that are needed," Bravo said.

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