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Pixalate earns MRC Accreditation for multiple Connected TV/OTT, SSAI measurement metrics

Apr 27, 2020 9:10:56 AM

Pixalate is pleased to announce that it has earned MRC accreditation for multiple Connected TV/OTT and Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) measurement metrics. To learn how it impacts Connected TV/OTT advertisers, join our short webinar on Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 1pm EST.

Pixalate’s achievement of MRC accreditation for Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) measurement metrics seeks to drive greater transparency in OTT/CTV channels

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 27, 2020Pixalate, a global ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform, today announced it has earned accreditations for multiple metrics from the Media Rating Council (MRC) across over-the-top (OTT)/Connected TV (CTV) environments, including server-side-ad-insertion (SSAI) measurement metrics.

Pixalate considers server-side-ad-insertion to be one of the largest risk factors to OTT/CTV advertising, threatening millions in ad spend each year. Pixalate’s accreditation for SSAI measurement metrics spans desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and OTT/CTV environments.

Pixalate’s OTT/CTV MRC Accreditations: Video, Display, SSAI

Pixalate now maintains MRC accreditation both for video and display advertising SIVT detection and filtration for OTT/CTV. Here are Pixalate’s current OTT/CTV MRC accreditations:

  • SSAI Measurement Metrics (2020 — New; see below for specific accredited metrics)
  • OTT/CTV Display Tracked Ads/Impressions (2020 — New)
  • OTT/CTV Display SIVT Detection & Filtration (2020 — New)
  • OTT/CTV Video Impressions (Reaccredited; first achieved in 2018)
  • OTT/CTV Video SIVT Detection & Filtration (Reaccredited; first achieved in 2018)

Pixalate now holds MRC accreditation for SIVT detection and filtration across the spectrum of digital advertising environments and creative types, including desktop, mobile, and Connected TV/OTT devices.

Pixalate’s MRC Accredited SSAI Measurement Metrics

Pixalate has earned MRC accreditation across the following SSAI measurement metrics as recorded across digital advertising channels (desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and OTT/CTV environments):

  • Gross SSAI Tracked Ads
  • SSAI Tracked Ads
  • Net SSAI Tracked Ads
  • Gross SSAI Tracked Ads %
  • SSAI Tracked Ads %
  • Net SSAI Tracked Ads %
  • Gross SSAI Transparent Tracked Ads
  • SSAI Transparent Tracked Ads
  • Net SSAI Transparent Tracked Ads
  • Gross SSAI Transparent Tracked Ads %
  • SSAI Transparent Tracked Ads %
  • Net SSAI Transparent Tracked Ads

“Pixalate has once again been found to have met MRC’s rigorous requirements for accreditation,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the MRC. “This time, the scope of its newly accredited measurements includes not only additional OTT metrics, but also a range of display and video Tracked Ads metrics for SSAI traffic. The latter of these, in particular, stands as clear evidence of Pixalate’s position at the forefront of this fast-growing and challenging area of digital measurement.”

"Pixalate is excited to continue innovating in OTT measurement and invalid traffic prevention to protect buyers and sellers from attacks in this critical ecosystem," said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. "We are proud to earn additional MRC accreditations to meet the rising requirements set by brands and platforms concerned about protecting their reputation from ad fraud and other threats."

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Pixalate is a global ad fraud intelligence and marketing compliance platform that works with brands and platforms to prevent invalid traffic and improve ad inventory quality. We offer the only system of coordinated solutions across display, app, video, and OTT/CTV for better detection and elimination of ad fraud. Pixalate is an MRC-accredited service for the detection and filtration of sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) across desktop, mobile web, mobile in-app, and OTT/CTV advertising. www.pixalate.com




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